Monitoring SSL Certificate Expiration with Zabbix

If you run some websites/webservices that run over HTTPS, you might be interested in getting some notice before your SSL Certificate is about to expire. If you already use Zabbix, here is a possible way to do so.

Place this script somewhere accessible for the “zabbix” agent-user on the system to monitor:


# 2012, Looke

# Checks whether a SSL x509 Certificate expires within a specified amount of seconds.
# Takes two arguments: 
# 1. Certificate
# 2. Time Until Expiration in Seconds


if [ -f "$1" ] && [ "$(file -b $1)" == "PEM certificate" ] && [ -n $2 ] && [ $2 -eq $2 2> /dev/null ]
        $OPENSSL x509 -noout -checkend $2 -in $1
        if [ $? -gt 0 ]
                echo 1
                echo 0

Unfortunately there is no way to check the returncode of the command/script in Zabbix, so we have to echo our return value (0 for certificate doesn’t expire within the specified amount of seconds, 1 for certificate does expire).

Also, make sure you have allowed the execution of remote commands in zabbix_agentd.conf:


Here is how you setup the check in Zabbix:

Zabbix Item – Checking if a certificate expires within 30 days (2592000 seconds)
Type: Zabbix agent
Key:[/home/zabbix/bin/ /var/www/ 2592000]
Type of information: Numeric (unsigned)
Data Type: Decimal

Now, add a Trigger based on this Item and you’re ready to go.

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