Adding scheduled tasks to Windows clients with GPO

In this example, I show how to add a scheduled job (taken from the article Shutting down an idle Windows computer) to multiple domain clients, using GPOs.

First, create a batch file (for example in %SystemRoot%\SYSVOL\domainname\scripts) with the following content:

schtasks /Create /RU System /TN "Shut down idle system" /SC ONIDLE /TR "C:\Windows\system32\shutdown.exe /s /f /t 0" /I 20

Open up the Group Policy Management console and add a new GPO. Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts > Startup and add the newly created batch file. Now you just have to link the GPO to an OU which should be affected.

Windows XP Professional Product Documentation – Schtasks:

Shutting down an idle Windows computer

Shutting down an idle Windows XP computer, for example to save energy costs, can be done through the windows Task Scheduler. Just configure a new task according to the screen shots below (adjusting the parameters for shutdown.exe to your wishes – see the MS support link)

How To Use the Remote Shutdown Tool to Shut Down and Restart a Computer in Windows 2000: