ActiveDirectory – Connectivity through NAT

Even though, ActiveDirectory communication through a NATed (and port-forwarded) interface is not officially supported by MS, there is a way to do that. I stumbled upon this issue, after forgetting it for quite some time (solved it with a nasty hack in the first place – keyword: read only DNS entries)


 [DC1]------------>[NATed interface]------------>[DC2]<--------[Clients]

  • DC1 addresses DC2 by the address of the NAT interface
  • CLIENTS address DC2 by its real address

DC2 updates its DNS record with its current IP address (real address)
DC1 can't reach DC2 through its real IP, instead it would need the address of the NAT interface.

Add the following Registry Key on DC2 to force it to add its real and his NATed IP to its Host DNS records

Registry Value: PublishAddresses
Registry Value Type: REG_SZ
Registry Value Data: sepparated by single whitespace

The nice thing is, that the DNS server serves the address of DC2 that is suitable for the host. If the host is on the same network as DC2 it gets its real IP, if its on the other side of the NATed interface it gets the NAT interfaces address.

More infos
DNS PublishAddresses Parameter:
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